The Best Crypto Trading Discords to Join in 2023

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Written by Mary Idomo

March 10, 2023

As the cryptocurrency space keeps attracting more people daily, the demand for constant crypto-based updates and news has increased. Recently, social media platforms like Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter have become the preferred platform for crypto enthusiasts to discuss and learn more about cryptocurrency. However, Discord has also been playing a great role in educating and engaging crypto fanatics in a closed setting. In this post, you’ll learn about the best crypto trading Discords you could join today.

How a Crypto Discord Server Works

A crypto Discord group is an online crypto community that has active mem bers on Discord, and a crypto Discord server is the server that houses that community. Almost 7 million people are currently using Discord channels.

Each Discord channel for cryptocurrency has its own lingo, focus, and method of conducting discussions. Typically, a group administrator with competence in crypto trading is in charge of the conversations and group functions. Joining a cryptocurrency Discord server gives you access to a trading community. However, members often volunteer to ensure that the conversations remain relevant to the channel.

There are two types of crypto Discord servers; public and private servers. Public servers are free for everyone. Members enjoy access to free crypto signals and helpful crypto resources at intervals. However, these types of servers frequently fall victim to hacks.

Private servers, on the other hand, are more rigid. To limit the types of chats users have on the server, rules and restrictions have been put in place. Any violation results in member expulsion, which is why the number of members on r/Cryptocurrency has decreased by more than 50%.

There are numerous channels in each crypto Discord server. Each channel tries to maintain the conversations’ balance and structure. And moderators make sure that topics from one channel are not discussed on another.

Why Join a Crypto Discord Group?

Community is the hub of the crypto markets but it is one of the causes of the market’s extreme volatility. A price chart that is increasing rapidly could change dramatically with just one word from the community. Due to the volatile nature of the space, it is crucial to stay informed; a crypto Discord server can help you achieve this. It continuously provides you with market updates. Here are a few advantages of a crypto-based Discord server.

Organized Flow of Information

Social media is excellent for learning about cryptocurrency. Yet, it can become too chaotic using platforms like Tiktok for cryptocurrency. To discover the most accurate cryptocurrency information when significant upgrades occur, you must sift through lengthy discussions and feeds.

Another downside of such platforms is that people often reply to posts in a way that obstructs the exchange of information concerning a particular topic. However, information is presented in an organized manner on a crypto Discord server. All of the discussions are grouped based on channels. To keep those discussions relevant, the moderators enforce strict guidelines on the server.

Early Trading Updates

The secret to profitable cryptocurrency trading is timing your trades. You can have access to updates that will help you make quick investing decisions by joining a crypto Discord group. You’ll also have access to new project alerts, crypto news, and other information about the most recent price changes in the cryptocurrency markets.

Receive great support from other crypto enthusiasts

Compared to more open social media communities like crypto Twitter, where it’s uncommon to get a response if you comment with a question and are instead swamped by spam bots, crypto Discord communities have a more intimate vibe.

Crypto Discord communities maintain order and make sure that no bullies are present. No matter how insignificant your query, you will often receive a good response.

Opportunities To Network

A great trading community where you can meet people with similar interests is accessible to you if you belong to a crypto Discord group. You’ll interact with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts In the group who can support you with additional guidance with trading, investing, or practically anything else in the industry.

Even influencers with huge social media followings can be reachable. These influencers, who are seasoned analysts and dedicated traders, enjoy conversing with other people who share their thoughts and opinions on the crypto markets. They will provide you with in-depth risk management analysis, trading alphas, guidance on how to make money in cryptocurrency, and educational materials, among others.

Find Top New Coins

Finding the hottest new crypto projects before anybody else is one of the main reasons why so many traders and investors throng to trading and investment servers. These groups’ admins have their finger on the pulse of the cryptocurrency market, so they frequently learn about projects with huge upside potential first and share them with their group members.

The Best Crypto Trading Discords for Traders

Here are some of the best crypto trading Discords;

Crypto University’s Discord: Overall best crypto trading Discord

For crypto enthusiasts who wish to succeed in the industry, Crypto University provides a special Discord membership program tailored to meet your crypto needs. Members have access to weekly charts and analysis, a community of successful traders, practical instructional crypto content, premium trading indicators, regular NFTs, and token alpha calls, profitable trade signals, in addition to other features. 

These learning resources available to both free and paid users in the server cover a wide range of topics, including blockchain technology, virtual currency trading, investment strategies, risk management, and other relevant topics to train participants with all that is required to surpass their trading peers.

Furthermore, paid members have access to the methods and strategies that successful traders use to profit in the crypto markets. Whether you are a business owner or a career professional, this crypto Discord server will easily guide you through how to make your 1st trade without getting confused. It prides itself on leveraging the power of community to build competence in its members.

The Discord community offers members constant coaching and support through weekly trading calls with renowned crypto experts like Grey Jabesi, and Edward Gonzales, among others. The purpose of these sessions is to assist members in expanding their knowledge and skills, spotting lucrative investment possibilities, and building successful careers in the web3 space. 

Join the Discord group here.


While the popular Crypto Discord communities often charge for membership and guarantee the best crypto signals, Cryptohub is a fantastic Discord group designed with beginners in mind. It has an incredible gold mine of knowledge with over 30 channels covering various subjects.

Cryptohub is one of the most compressive Discord crypto servers whose channels are mostly free There are ten comprehensive manuals on the server that cover topics including the fundamentals of trading, the best wallets, and where to stake new cryptocurrency projects.

In addition to a wealth of educational resources, Cryptohub offers a section with more than 10 rooms completely devoted to longer-term investments and smaller cap crypto projects with enormous growth potential. Some of the topics these rooms focus on include; Hidden gems, VC firms to follow, Token launches, Community picks, Admin’s picks, among others. The team of the server updates these rooms periodically to make sure that all the information shared is accurate and current.


Some of the top cryptocurrency traders in the industry are found on Cryptodra’s Discord server. Cryptodra was first introduced in 2016 by the project’s namesake user, but it wasn’t until 2017 that it began to take off. It concentrates on order books and data from the derivatives market rather than technical indications.

This Discord channel has approximately 2000 members thanks to its distinct understanding of the cryptocurrency market. Although the number of members is small, each one is a dedicated cryptocurrency trader.

This server’s premium subscription includes zoom calls that cover every facet of cryptocurrency trading. Although it focuses more on using order books to understand trade psychology and risk management, it also discusses the drawbacks of technical analysis. 

Despite this, the premium membership is not at all inexpensive. With Cryptodira’s reputation, the lifetime membership fee of $699 can be viewed as acceptable. But if you’re serious about investing in cryptocurrencies, we advise you to just join this community. 

Elite Crypto Signals

Members of Elite Crypto Signals, which was founded in 2018, have been involved in the cryptocurrency market since the beginning of the blockchain industry in 2012. It has a sizable following of over 29,000 members, each of whom is a dedicated investor.

Knowledge and experience are the main priorities of Elite Crypto Signals. You would learn useful information on excellent entry and exit points in the crypto market. Technical and fundamental analysis, are also accessible if you want to go a little bit farther.

Elite Crypto Signals offers a premium membership option, just like Cryptohub. Becoming a premium member provides access to information on how to close trades and make investments during a bear market, which is vital knowledge to have.

You can invite others to this group to acquire the premium membership if you don’t want to pay for it. You can receive a free month of premium membership if you recruit up to 30 users. Also, if you can recruit 200 users to this cryptocurrency-focused Discord server, you’ll receive a lifetime premium subscription.

The server is simple to join but to connect with it, you must provide your phone number.

Filthy Rich Futures

Filthy Rich Futures is a cryptocurrency futures trading server that has a history of producing highly profitable calls and has always been open about its trading calls results

If an analyst performs poorly, they are promptly replaced by another who has been doing well. The monthly release of analyst performance reports is measured by several metrics, including:

  • Their activity (based on the number of trades)
  • Their risk-taking (based on the amount of leverage)
  • Their success (based on win rate, average, and best and worst PnL)
  • Their consistency (PnL % per day)

Thanks to spam bounties, the community at FRF is largely spam- and scam-free (reporting spam grants the user doing the reporting a reward).

There is quick and efficient customer service, a dynamic atmosphere, and frequently some extremely seasoned traders participate in the discussions. The community takes great pleasure in guiding other users toward effective risk management and financial success.

The fact that Filthy Rich Futures is completely free, in contrast to the majority of other cryptocurrency servers, is probably its strongest feature. There is no cost associated with its offerings.

However, there is a catch: to have free access, you must register with BingX, a partner exchange of FRF, and start trading there. You will have more access to signals as your trading volume rises. Premium chats and services from paid plans become accessible if you eventually achieve the highest tier.


Reddit is undoubtedly the social media most synonymous with crypto. Although many cryptocurrency projects have their own Reddit communities, r/CryptoCurrency continues to be the most popular community on the platform for discussing cryptocurrencies.

r/CryptoCurrency Discord server is one of the biggest crypto-focused groups. It has over 40,000 users. The server is simple to use and browse thanks to its free membership and an extensive list of sub-groups.

There is a section on the server for almost every crypto-related topic. r/CryptoCurrency Discord aims to offer a thorough guide to trading, investing, and cryptocurrencies in general, from helping novices with investing and learning fundamental trading strategies to having a section for reporting scams and even one for technical analysis.

Although some of the r/CryptoCurrency Discord topics are less popular than others, the server remains incredibly busy with members willing to jump in and support one another instantly. As a result, it’s a fantastic resource for anyone looking to learn more and explore new crypto topics.

Satoshi’s Exchange

The group Satoshi’s Data, which is no longer around, was one of our favorites and had amassed more than 17,000 members. Unfortunately, the group was hacked, forcing the team to create a new group. If you see any groups on Discord with the name Satoshi’s Data, do not join them; they are scams. Satoshi’s Exchange is the successor to that group.

On the other hand, Satoshi’s Exchange is a cryptocurrency trading community run by crypto veterans and like-minded crypto enthusiasts. The team works hard to provide the most effective and welcoming learning environment in the Discord group.

Satoshi’s Exchange aims to offer everything a cryptocurrency Discord server could offer, including highly profitable crypto signals, frequently updated learning parts, assistance with technical analysis, general support, news updates, and crypto price alerts.

To guarantee that their users will always be able to get their questions heard and answered, the group has a competent group of traders on its team who work in different time zones.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Trading Discord Server

Discord communities for cryptocurrency are not all created equal, and some are there to cheat you. But over time, you will learn how to determine which one best matches your needs. Here are some factors to consider when picking the best crypto trading Discords:

Monitor the level of Engagement

If a server is open to the public, look into the quality of its group activities. To gauge how quickly you will receive an answer, ask simple questions. Pay attention to the tone of the responses you receive. See the threads to view the many types of discussions being held by existing users. If the engagement is poor, you should consider another Discord server.

Consider the Demographic of its users

The most profitable crypto Discord communities are inclusive, allowing people from all walks of life to contribute their knowledge. It strengthens the group’s position by giving its strategies more flexibility.

The Expertise of the Administrators

When Crypto Discords initially appeared online, a lot of groups popped up that spoke about nothing of importance and merely blew hot air. Unfortunately, some of them are still in operation. Find a server that is owned or administered by professionals or traders with a rich experience in crypto trading or a proven track record.

Cost of Premium Membership

What is the cost of a premium membership with a group? Is there an affiliate scheme that allows you to refer members for free premium membership? If you want to join a premium Discord community, you should ask these questions 

Range of Crypto Discord Channels

Take the “the more, the merrier” approach when choosing a Discord group. Many channels are set up in crypto Discord groups to carefully organize the conversations so that every newcomer receives helpful information about the crypto market that is suitable for them.


Selecting the right crypto Discord server to join is a tricky task. With our list of the best crypto trading Discord groups to join, we’ve made it simple for you. The  Discord servers we have examined are great resources for anyone looking to make informed decisions when trading digital currencies. Each of these servers provides users with tools and analysis that can help them become successful cryptocurrency traders

Having reviewed many Discord servers,  we concluded that Crypto University’s Discord group is a good choice for newcomers and experienced crypto traders alike. It has a lot of resources – both paid and free – for serious minded individuals who don’t want to walk alone in their crypto trading journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best crypto Discord??

Among the crypto Discord servers we’ve reviewed, the best crypto trading Discord is Crypto University’s Discord. It has often proven that it can provide its participants with significant benefits. It offers a highly engaging way to learn about cryptocurrency. And it is run by renowned crypto trading experts in the space.

What is the best NFT Discord?

Larva Labs is the best Discord group for NFT enthusiasts. This channel is behind the creation of some of the most successful NFT projects like Cryptopunks and Meebits.

What is the biggest crypto pump on Discord?

MEGA Signals server is one of the largest crypto Discord groups dedicated to sharing pump signals. It has over 87,000 members. Mega Pump gained popularity for its daily “pump signal” channels that were developed to help traders identify the best-performing crypto assets.

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