BitBoy Sues Fellow Youtuber, Alphabet Pumps $1.5B Into Blockchain, Houbi Halts Derivatives In New Zealand.

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August 17, 2022

BitBoy Sues Fellow Youtuber 

BitBoy Crypto, a popular Youtuber whose real name is Ben Armstrong, is suing a fellow YouTube influencer, Atozy, for defamation. Last year, Atozy (real name Erling Mengshoel) released a video accusing BitBoy of defrauding his followers and pushing scammy cryptocurrency.

“Today, we are talking about Bitboy Crypto as it seems like he scammed his fans by allegedly taking payment to promote a complete scam. Bitboy Crypto has also had a past of stealing work from other creators and pumping microcap coins,” says Atozy’s Youtube video description. 

In the video, Atozy refers to Bitboy as a shady dirtbag. He said that BitBoy milks his audience for a quick buck instead of giving them genuine advice. According to Law360, Armstrong alleged that the influencer Erling Mengshoel negatively impacted his business relations after releasing that video.

Alphabet Pumps $1.5B Into Blockchain 

Alphabet, Google’s parent firm, has invested $1.56 billion in blockchain companies between September 2021 and June 2022. At $1.56 billion, Alphabet invested the highest amount, followed by BlackRock at $1.17 billion and Morgan Stanley at $1.11 billion. Samsung came in fourth place at $979 million, and Goldman Sachs took fifth place with a $698 million investment. 

“We are absolutely looking into blockchain; it’s such an exciting and powerful technology with a wide range of uses,” Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai remarked.

Last year, Alphabet partnered with Dapper Labs, a Web 3 development studio, to help scale its blockchain solutions. Alphabet has invested in four projects: Dapper Labs, Fireblocks, Digital Voltage, and The Digital Currency Group.

Houbi Halts Derivatives In New Zealand

Houbi Global, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, announced its closing down its derivatives trading services in New Zealand. The company wrote that New Zealand now falls under its “restricted jurisdictions,” and that it will cease onboarding New Zealand-based users on the 23rd of August.

“Underpinning Huobi Global’s commitment to local compliance policies, we will be including New Zealand as a restricted jurisdiction in respect of trading in derivatives, and restrict New Zealand user accounts for derivatives trading in an orderly manner while ensuring the safety of user assets,” wrote the crypto exchange. 

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