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Written by Mary Idomo

May 23, 2023

Do you want to launch a career in crypto trading or create a passive source of income with crypto? Are you looking for the best crypto trading course that is suitable for your personal goals? You are not alone in this search. Getting the right crypto course that meets your specific needs and yet keeps you engaged can be hard to find if you’re just starting out in your crypto journey. As a result, we’ve carefully handpicked the best crypto trading courses for beginners like you to help you start your trading journey the right way.

By enrolling in a cryptocurrency trading course, you can reduce some of the risks associated with crypto trading and make smarter decisions. This is because cryptocurrency trading courses dig into the inner workings of this emerging market and outline the best strategies for making money through trading.  Here are our top picks based on skill level, cost, ease of use, and more.

Our best crypto trading courses for beginners 

Here are top recommendations for the best crypto trading course for beginners:

Exclusive Discord membership program— Crypto University 

This web3 and cryptocurrency trading course is specially designed for anyone who wants to discover the methods and procedures that successful traders use to profit in the crypto markets. Whether you are a business owner or a career professional, the trading course will easily guide you on how to make your 1st trade without getting confused. What sets it apart from other crypto trading courses is that it leverages the power of community to build competence in its members.

Purchasing the course will grant you access to weekly premium trading calls, a Certificate of Completion, 15+ weeks of learning experience plus lots of bonus resources. The course materials are well-organized and easy to navigate. The content is presented in a variety of formats, including videos, PDFs, and quizzes, making it easy for you to learn at your own pace. 

You will also build solid trading skills including

  • How to master the art of trading futures and leverage
  • Understanding how trading philosophy works and how to leverage it for profits
  • Master systematic trading techniques and AI like a pro trader
  • How to Become a profitable arbitrage trader 
  • Learn Portfolio Rebalancing and Risk Management 
  • How to find new promising coins before they take off
  • And many more 

Crypto University is fully licensed by KHDA in Dubai, UAE, ensuring the highest quality of education and a secure future for you and your wealth. Ready to start your crypto journey the right way? Join the course here.

Bulls on Crypto Street

Who it’s for: Investors who want to get into the Metaverse, Crypto & NFTs and become profitable in it.

Price: $798

Bulls on Crypto Street is a trading school that offers a variety of programs, from free training to a comprehensive paid Bootcamp. The Bootcamp instructs investors on how to trade digital assets profitably, including NFTs, the metaverse, and DeFi coins. You can sign up for the free introduction to cryptocurrency trading course, and trade alerts will be sent to you via the Discord channel.

One of the standout features of the course is its focus on practical application. The course includes a variety of hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios to help students apply what they have learned to actual trading situations.

Subscription for the full course will give you access to over 100 lessons on trading digital assets, a Q&A with the CEO, real-time crypto picks, and lifetime access to the Bulls on Crypto Discord channel.

RocketFuel Crypto Education by Robert Kiyosaki & Jeff Wang

Who it’s for Crypto beginners who need the right support on crypto trading

Price: 7-day trial, $47 per month thereafter

RocketFuel Crypto is an education platform designed for anyone who wants to learn how to trade crypto but doesn’t know where to start. You have access to education, analysis, and community when you sign up for RocketFuel Education. You can learn about the cryptocurrency market and use that knowledge to improve your portfolio with these three components.

To join, you need to create an account, sign up for the community, check out the videos, look at the weekly updates, and engage with the Telegram community. Consider RocketFuel to be your continuous broker or assistant. The platform directs you toward successful trading procedures and industry best practices, but it doesn’t offer investment advice.

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: Buy, Sell, Trade Cryptocurrency — Udemy

This is one of the popular crypto trading courses for beginners and is great for every aspiring crypto trader who wants to master the basics of cryptocurrencies. You will learn how to trade cryptocurrencies using standard trading strategies after taking this course.

This course is intended to be extremely introductory, thus it is brief, very informative, and educates you on all the fundamental components of cryptocurrency. It’s an effective technique to determine whether trading cryptocurrencies is suited for you and may also influence your decision to move to a different style of trading.

In just under two hours you will know everything you need to get started buying, selling, trading, and stalking cryptocurrency. The course also includes essential information such as how to store your cryptocurrency safely, away from hackers.

Cryptocurrency Basics | Beginners Guide To Cryptocurrency — Udemy

Although this Udemy crypto course is a little more generic, the modules are still helpful to aspiring cryptocurrency traders because they will cover the following topics:

  • How to create a cryptocurrency wallet
  • How to obtain bitcoins from ATMs or exchanges
  • Terminology used with cryptocurrencies
  • Developing an investment strategy and advice
  • Chart patterns and technical analysis

The course is designed to give you a 360° skillset when analyzing the cryptocurrency markets. It is designed in a way that offers a simple checklist-style system that can help you stay on track with your learning journey.

Fast Lane Traders

Who’s it for:  Beginners

Price: $97.99 per month; 30-day free trial

If you’re new to the crypto market yet want to learn how to trade crypto, Fast Lane Traders is a great place to start. You can get access to the following at the Fast Lane Traders course:

  • A 5-module trading course
  • Trading alerts you can act on
  • A Discord chat room
  • A straightforward the platform 

You can study the course material at any time, In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Conduct technical analysis
  • Use trading indicators
  • Create a trading strategy
  • Make the right trades for profits and many more.

The course comes in simple and easy-to-follow videos that outline everything you need to know about crypto day trading.

What Makes a Great Crypto Trading Course for Beginners?

A good cryptocurrency trading course should have clear explanations and be backed up by visual resources. The course should focus on a certain area of the cryptocurrency industry and provide in-depth explanations of it. 

It should also conclude with a series of quizzes that allow you to assess your knowledge by applying what you’ve studied. Look for the option to redo the module once more, if you don’t do well on a test.

You should also ensure that the course is taught by true cryptocurrency trading experts and that it has high reviews and enrollment numbers. Confirm that the learning experience for the course also suits your unique learning style and can help you meet your goals.

The most important thing that determines if a crypto course is right for you is when you are clear about the learning outcomes you intend to achieve. When choosing a course, decide on the result you desire and let it guide you on the choice you make.

If you desire to launch your crypto journey the right way, join our exclusive discord membership community now.

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