How to MINT/Create an NFT with ZERO GAS FEES!

Written by Munashe Magidi

January 8, 2022

As more and more artists enter the NFT space there has been an ever so growing demand for cheaper alternatives. To allow inclusion of participation of the smaller artists who are currently excluded due to the high gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain.

Now before we jump into the nitty gritty stuff please note that avoiding the high gas fees depends where you want your NFT to live or rather be minted. There are several different Blockchain and platforms in which you can mint NFT’s i.e Ethereum, Solona to name a few. In this Tutorial we are going to be covering How to mint NFT’s on Open Sea using the Polygon Blockchain so as to mitigate the gas fees that normally come with minting NFT’s.


First, You only need a Metamask Wallet. You’ll need to connect Metamask wallet to OpenSea. It can be completely empty — you don’t need to own any cryptocurrency. If you do not already have a wallet, I would recommend using either MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet. Both work well, are popular, and are easy to use.

  1. Click create button 
  1. Pick your art medium – you will have options to add a wide range of supported Formats including images, video, audio or 3D models.
  2. After you have selected your artwork, you will then have to enter the name of your NFT. This can be anything that properly represents your creation. Protip: If you have an existing portfolio it would be wise to place the link on “External Link” section. Below that you will see a description section where you can add a bit more information about your NFT, including what inspired you.
  1. The section below shows the extra information your NFT can have, including being a part of your collections, levels if you plan on making level based NFT’s, and stats.. “Unlockable Content” this could be a text link to another NFT. Note: If you plan on making “Explicit & Sensitive” content it is important to turn on this option to ensure it is not being banned on the platform.
  1. This is the most important part when creating your NFT. Picking the blockchain where your NFT will created on. As mentioned above you are going to have to select the Polygon blockchain to be able to mint your NFT’s for free. Here you can also select the amount of copies of the NFT you want to mint.

Once your NFT is minted, you can click on its’ page and click “Sell” to put a price on it. The price needs to be a minimum of $2 when using OpenSea. You can also choose how many copies of the NFT you would like to sell (if there is more than one copy).

  1. Profit 

That’s it! You created your first NFT and paid absolutely nothing in fees!

Another thing to keep in mind is minting an NFT is much, much easier than actually selling one. You either need to have a following already or have a different way to get people’s attention.

Reddit is one avenue you can take. There are numerous subreddits in which you can do giveaways to promote your collection — it’s a good way to start and the way that I achieved my first few sales.

Thanks for reading this tutorial, and good luck with selling your own NFTs!

How can you use NFTs to leverage your portfolio?

Therefore, if you hold NFTs and do not want to sell them you can use them to grow your portfolio through using your NFTs as collateral to gain loans to invest in other areas or to use for expenses/business ventures.

Enjoyed this article and want to learn more about NFTs, how to trade them, hold them, understand their value; then check out our course here!

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Written by Munashe Magidi © Crypto University 2021

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