Top Crypto Gainers of 2021

Written by Edward Gonzales

January 21, 2022

In the year 2021 we saw major adoption waves as celebrities and institutions put the spotlight on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. There were many new and emerging trends in 2021 that attributed to the rise of certain coins such as NFT’s, the Metaverse, and shitcoin hype. In this article we analyze the top gainers of 2021 to see if there are any similarities.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu shocked investors across the globe with its sensational rise of +19,142,193%! This coin is referred to as a shitcoin – a token that has little to no applicable use cases. It is hypothesized that this coin’s upward price propulsion was fueled by its community. There isn’t really any life changing technology behind this coin project, yet it outperformed every asset on the planet. Gotta love the internet. Learn more about Shiba Inu


Ecomi has created a platform that allows users to transact collectibles and other assets including fiat currencies . This project highlights security as one of its main attractions. There are certain exploits that have occurred throughout some blockchains’ histories that amount to millions if not billions of lost/stolen funds. Ecomi believes they can maintain a more secured ledger to allow users to transact with one another safely. This is a great statement although it isn’t exactly unique as there are many other blockchains that have similar whitepaper statements. Still, it returned +24,447% in just one year, more than a lifetime’s worth of traditional investing. Read more about Ecomi

The Sandbox

An interesting project on the list, Sandbox has created a digital universe that allows users to purchase digital land and other digital assets in the form of NFT’s. Many popular brands and celebrities have partnered with Sandbox like rap artist Snoop Dog, AMC’s The Walking Dead, and clothing company Adidas. With so many major brands going deep into this space, it is difficult to ignore… which has obviously reflected in this coin’s price movements. Seems like a lot of upside potential for this asset even after a +7,249% gain. Read more about The Sandbox

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity was one of the first blockchain games to rise to popularity. This game allows users to trade and breed animals for profits. The ownership of these animals within this game is represented by NFT’s. There is also digital land available in this game that can be traded. You can also farm other cryptocurrency tokens within this game. A unique voting system implemented in this game enables the players to vote on updates. This is perhaps the most interesting characteristic for players that keeps them around. They are obviously doing something right reflecting a +10,867% return. Learn more about Axie Infinity


Polygon is a scalable solution that aims to transform Ethereum into a multichain system. There is a lot of controversy around the scalability of Ethereum due to slow network transaction speeds and high gas fees. Polygon solves these issues without compromising security. This is attractive to many users, especially new users with restricted capitals. Their user interface is relatively simple as well, which is another attractive feature. In one year, Polygon climbed +5,904%. Learn more about Polygon

While Bitcoin is historically the safest way to transfer wealth over space and time, these short term opportunities shouldn’t be overlooked. A few thousand dollars invested in any of these scenarios could have put you in an extremely profitable position. Research your investments before you pull the trigger, and decide how long you can allocate that money. Remember the past is not always indicative of future results. To learn more about technical analysis and how to anticipate market movements, visit our homepage.

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Written by Edward Gonzales © Crypto University 2022

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