What is Zksync? How to get the potential Zksync Airdrop

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Written by Mary Idomo

April 14, 2023

Airdrops are one of the best ways to generate revenue in the crypto markets this bearish season. The success of previous notable airdrops like Aptos and sui airdrop has driven more crypto enthusiasts to seek new airdrop opportunities constantly. One of the most anticipated airdrops is the Zksync airdrop. Zksync is a solution for making Ethereum transactions quicker, more affordable, and efficient by using Layer 2 scaling technique. This guide aims to provide easy steps on how to qualify for the highly speculated Zksync Airdrop, covering what it entails, and some tips on how to maximize your chances of receiving those potential free tokens.

What is Zksync?

Zksync is an exciting technology that aims to make transactions on the Ethereum blockchain faster, cheaper, and more secure. It does this by using  ZK rollup—a Layer 2 solution that operates away from the main network, which reduces costs and makes it more scalable. Despite this, users still enjoy the same level of security as they would on the Ethereum network itself.

One of the key features of Zksync is its trustless protocol, which relies on mathematical and cryptographic proof to verify transactions. This makes it very secure, and it also supports account abstraction, which allows for more complex and secure wallet setups.

Compared to other solutions like optimistic rollups, Zksync also offers much quicker withdrawal times, taking only 15 minutes to 3 hours. Additionally, the team has plans to introduce privacy as a protocol feature in the future, which will make it even more attractive to users.

Recently, Zksync has secured a significant amount of funding, totaling $458 million from investors like Blockchain Capital and Dragonfly Capital. There are also plans to release a native token in the future, so testing out the Zksync ecosystem could make you eligible for an airdrop when the project decides to do so.

What is Zksync Era and Zksync Lite? 

When Zksync first started, in June 2020, it couldn’t support smart contracts, which meant that people couldn’t do things like participate in DeFi or buy NFTs, which are things that people often do on Ethereum.

However, since the launch of Zksync by Matter Labs, the company had been working on developing a general-purpose zkEVM ( a machine that allows developers to build smart contracts that can execute complex computations while maintaining privacy and scalability). Zksync Lite and Zksync Era were also created to operate as two distinct networks. 

With the launch of Zksync Era, the network has been upgraded to include all the features of Ethereum, while also making transactions faster and more affordable. However, Zksync Lite is likely to perform better than Zksync Era for simple swaps and transfers until Ethereum’s future EIP-4844 upgrade reduces the costs associated with complex transactions on rollups. 

How to Participate in Zksync Crypto Airdrop

Here are some simple steps to take to maximize your chances of receiving the potential Zksync airdrop.

Step 1

Add Zksync Era to your MetaMask wallet. You can do it automatically by connecting your Metamask wallet to chainlist here

Step 2

Bridge your assets from Metamask over to the Zksync Era  Zksync’s bridge and vice versa. A fee is charged for this transaction, so ensure that you have enough ETH in your wallet to pay for the transaction charges. It’s recommended to bridge at least 0.1 ETH.

Step 3

Use the funds on Zksync to interact with as many platforms as possible that have launched on Zksync Era. 

You could start with Mute and Mint Square

On Mute, you can swap your tokens, provide liquidity, and lock up your LP tokens on the Amplifier platform. 

On Mint Square, you can mint and trade NFTs. To mint an NFT, upload an image, give it a name,  add a description, and click on mint.

Interact repeatedly with these platforms with good transaction volumes regularly as these could increase your eligibility. Ensure to do it in different periods and not at once.

Step 4

Try to use Orbiter Finance and Rhino Finance to bridge some ETH. You could qualify for future Orbiter Finance airdrops if you use Orbiter Finance. 

Step 5

Donate to Zksync projects on Gitcoin. To donate, go to the “grants” page. Pay via the Zksync network for lower transaction fees.

Step 6

Download Argent and use the wallet constantly. You can send and receive funds, buy, earn, and stake crypto using Argent.

Step 7

Connect your wallet to Onchain trade protocol and test out various features in the platform.

Step 8 

Interact with SyncSwap. Connect your Metamask or Argent wallet to their protocol. Swap some tokens in your Zksync mainnet and deposit them into liquidity pools on Syncswap. Test other features as well.

Step 9

Lock some tokens on the Goal3xyz platform for 3 months to get up to 137% Yield & a drop of $Goal token when it launches (Yield + Airdrop).

Step 10

Swap/trade on ZigZag exchange. It is recommended to use ZigZag regularly. Try out the bridge feature and other features as well.

Step 11

Mint a Zksync domain on app.zkns.domains

Step 12

Bridge into Zksync Lite and Mint an NFT 

To do this go to wallet.Zksync.io and connect your MetaMask Wallet. Top up your balance on the Zksync 1.0 network by using any of the options there. You can also bridge from your Zksync Era to Lite.

Go to wallet.Zksync.io. Head over to the NFT’s section and mint your custom nft

Final step

Go to Zksync’s Crew3 Questboard and complete the quests. Tasks include following them on social media, reading their articles, and completing quizzes.

Always check out more protocols you can interact with on Zksync’s ecosystem here.

Tips to note:

Do not send from one wallet to another to farm this airdrop. Send your funds to an exchange first then send funds from the exchange to the wallet you want to use for the airdrop.

Do not empty your wallet after the transactions. Leave some tokens and gas.

Risks Involved in Hunting Zksync Airdrop

These dApps mentioned in this article are pretty new, which means they may not be completely secure and could be susceptible to hacks. So, if you’re planning to interact with them, it’s a good idea to use a separate wallet for the $ZKS token airdrop and keep only a small amount of funds in there. Once you’re done using the dApps, you should also revoke access.

Additionally, before you start using any dApp, make sure to check out their social media pages and website. It’s also a good idea to do your own research (DYOR) beforehand. If you’re comfortable with reading smart contracts, you may want to give those a look too.

Just keep in mind that there are risks involved with using these protocols, like the possibility of smart contract exploits, rug pulls, asset volatility, and impermanent loss on paired assets, among others. 

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Zksync is a project that’s focused on making blockchain transactions faster and more efficient by using a Layer 2 scaling solution. One way to get involved in the project and earn some tokens is through the Zksync airdrop. To participate, all you need to do is complete some tasks, and then wait for the project to officially announce its airdrop. This is a great way to both support the project and potentially earn some rewards.

While there hasn’t been an official announcement about an airdrop of ZKS tokens for Zksync yet, there’s a good chance that one will happen in the future based on its similarities to the recent arbitrum airdrop. The company behind the project has made it clear that they’ll launch a token within the next year. This token will be used for staking and becoming a validator in the Zksync network. Historically, airdrops like these have turned out to be lucrative for early adopters. So be sure to take action today.

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